ArtEZ Fashion Design 2018 Finals

The department Fashion Design BA of ArtEZ University of the Arts Arnhem proudly presents CLASS 2018 **GENERATION 60**: the designers, their thoughts & visions, graduation collections, design books, showfilm and magazine. Come have a look! 
foto van ArtEZ Fashion Design Arnhem.

’16 BA fashion collections and one BA print design collection, on exhibit during the ArtEZ Finals. Each highly personal design stories, and each of these designers focusing on their own interpretation of shape, material and print in relation to craft, innovation and zeitgeist.’
[Matthijs Boelee, Head of Fashion Design BA, ArtEZ] 

Iris Bambacht, Anna Bernal, Douwe de Boer, Guusje de Bruin, Jolijn Corporaal, Emmy Hermans, Amarens Joustra, Sarah Kerbosch, Merrit Koek, Naomi Marcela, Mehdi Mashayekhi, Alicia Minnaard, Nina Pen, Dennis Schreuder, Maria van Steenhoven, Tabea Philipp, Amber Willemztijn

Lenn Cox

Wednesday – Friday 10h30 – 20h30
Saturday + Sunday 11h00 – 17h00

ArtEZ Finals 2018
Oude Kraan 26, Arnhem