Asian Queer Movie Night: Handmaiden

Asian Movie Night is going out with a bang this season and collaborating with Queer Movie Night! Thus, we present to you the first ever Asian Queer Movie Night!

The Handmaiden (2016), if nothing else, is wild (ie: over-the-fucking-top, bonkers, insane) from beginning to end. There is one plot twist after another, you won’t be able to imagine!!! And throughout the movie is so intense and intriguing, try to remember to catch your breath! 

Wait for it!!

18:00 – 19:30 Home-made Pizza & Drinks 
(come early if you want pizza coz they are freshly made and will take some time)
19:30 Movie screening starts
20:40 Intermission & drinks
21:00 Movie screening continues
22:15 End of movie