Orphaned Land – In Vain – Subterannean Masquerade ea Willemeen


Orphaned Land (ISR) 
In order to celebrate their 8th studio album – release 26th January 2018 entitled: “Unsung Prophets and Dead Messiah”, the biggest and most influential middle eastern metal band will come on tour. ORPHANED LAND!

Orphaned Land are happy and thankful to meet all of you on the up-coming Euro-Tour 2018 to celebrate a great evening with outstanding tunes and music. A combination of Anger, Tragedy, Protest, Joy and going further, beyond racial, cultural and religious divide. To the core of “One.”

Those who are familiar with the band, know their live shows are not just a concert, it is a total unique experience. We all like to welcome you to the show and convince yourself.

In Vain (NO)
To Accompany Orphaned land on their tour a very special guestare Norway own IN VAIN. 

In Vain sticks out with a perfect vocal mix between grunt and clean vocals and progressive combination of atmospheric melancholic melodies with extreme metal. To label them will be in Vain. and jet Indie records did release three albums. and who knows. this time a fourth?

A raging tempest is not known for equally offering clarity of precision and a seductive expanse of temptation but then the maelstrom of creative imagination which breeds within Norwegians In Vain is like no other. Since making their impressive mark with two early EPs, the Kristiansand band has continually exposed the metal world to a form of aggressively inventive progressive extreme metal veined by diverse flames of melodic and impassioned persuasion which is persistently impacting for thoughts and inciting upon emotions.

Subterranean Masquerade (ISR/NO)
Next band to join the party are SUBTERRANEAN MASQUERADE. a band from Israel and Norway.

You will know Kjetil Nordhus from Tristania on vocals. the band brings an exciting mix of psychedelic rock and avant-garde metal.

A must know band! A symphonic prog powerhouse featuring Kjetil Nordhus (Green Carnation, Tristania) and Matan Shmuely (Orphaned Land). 

Aevum (IT) 
To start off the evening are Aevum are an Italian metal band with vicious grunts and angelic operatic vocals a musical Ying and Yang.The band are no stranger to touring, having shared the European stages with Ao Haggard

Their music is in perpetual inclination towards the union between the human being and the divine, between opposites, male and female, positive and negative, in a genre that is a bond between the neo-classical and gothic metal worlds.