Singer-songwriter Kenny – Muziek in de huiskamer (Free)

Aankomende woensdag komt Singer-songwriter Kenny (Kenny-Artistpage) weer naar Brigant!
Net zoals de vorige keer zullen er weer mooie deuntjes worden gespeeld!



Imagine yourself waking up at twelve, by light touches of sunrays caressing your eyelids. As you struggle to open them, the warmth of your bed still wants to hold tight, and naturally you don’t want to let go. When you’re ready, and only then, you get out and grab a fine cup of coffee or tea and sit somewhere staring out of the window. That’s Kenny. A Singersongwritter from the Hague. Together with his unique artistically formed band, he draws you into his world, A world where everyone is the same and shares the purest form of love for music and storytelling. Influenced by artists such as Jason Mraz, Nahko bear and many other bands completely in different fields, like Metallica and Pantera, he has made his sound, his own. Having played at over 60 stages and still counting, he has developed a healthy addiction to performing and wants to perform on every stage in the world, aiming to reach every possible person. Currently he is traveling on his own to discover the
world, get inspired and inspire others.