Alcuna Wilds // Oshunmare // INU INU

Alcuna Wilds
Alcuna Wilds is a British/Dutch band based in the Netherlands. The band creates atmospheric trip-rock music, combining ambient soundscapes, driving beats and strong melodic riffs, with rich, melancholic vocals and observant, reflective lyrics. Formed of members from both sides of the North Sea, their diverse influences contribute to their distinctive sound. Their latest EP ‘Nothing Is Nothing’ was released on 25th January 2019.
In the past three years the band have chalked up more than 100 shows throughout the Netherlands, UK, Germany and Belgium.

Better known as Kate Donkor, is a musician based in Arnhem. Besides her love for education and language (she writes poems under her own name: .k.a.t.e.), she has been producing electronic music for the past decade.
Oshunmare is no new face in the local music scene. In the past she was selected on the compilations of Nieuwe Electronische Waar (based in Nijmegen) 3 times with songs like “Mind the Gap” and “Yoqmage”. At the time she had the honor of performing on stages like Doornroosje, Poppodium Atak and festivals like “The Beschaving” in Utrecht. More recently she has performed at Spijkerrok, Vogelpop, Simplon Up and Festival De Oversteek. Be prepared for an eclectic electronic performance with edgy vocals and an outerwordly appearance.

INU INU is a Dutch/English dream pop band heavily influenced by the best sounds of the 80’s combined with the raw production of modern day indie DIY bands. The foursome keeps their music personal and close to the heart, creating songs with a distinctive atmospheric pop sound. From dark and melancholic to joyous and energetic, INU INU explores a range of emotions and considers their music a success if it evokes feelings in others.