Any Given Day (DE) + Of Virtue (US) + Doomcrusher (DE) Exclusive NL Show

Any Given Day
The guys of Any Given Day bring you high quality metalcore! The German band isn’t a newcomer anymore, with three studio albums released and quite a few tours to their name. On the stage, you often see members of the band screaming and headbanging around. Before you know it, the entire crowd is headbanging with them. If you are looking for a intense show, which will definitely lead to many moshpits, you should absolutely go see Any Given Day.

Of Virtue
Born and bred in Michigan, Of Virtue has given a new meaning to the word “homegrown”. Starting as any band, locally, then touring regionally and eventually nationally within a short two years – Of Virtue most recently began their conquest of spreading their music beyond the United States and has now reached almost 25 countries, just two years after their first time on foreign soil. During the lifetime of the band they have since released two LPs and two EPs … it wasn’t until their single Ghost Town, released in 2017, that the band truly found what they were looking to do. Of Virtue have found themselves stronger than ever and prepared for 2019 as they partner with SharpTone Records and Scarim Management.

Founded by Andy Posdziech (Any Given Day), Jean Bormann (Rage), Marv Kinkel, and Rob Lee, Doomcrusher’s sound is a powerful fusion of stomping and heavy mid-tempo industrial riffs, seamlessly intertwined with uncompromising gutturals that resolve into unfolding and uplifting hooks.
The band’s sound is further enriched by sophisticated electronic elements, adding depth and complexity to their musical tapestry. The ambition is clear – to redefine modern core music while staying true to the roots of the metal genre. Their music is not merely an auditory experience; it’s a journey through the realms of sound, a deliberate exploration of the boundaries of heavy music.
Doomcrusher stands as a defiant force against the inevitable, a rebellion that crushes the darkness of doom with an unwavering belief in the transformative power of music.


Zaal open: 19:00
Aanvang: 20:00
Einde: 23:00