Basilisk, Lifelong en Dreckneck in The Move Up

The Move Up | 10 november 2018 | € 5,-

The Move Up staat op 10 november in het teken van mokerharde stoner en sludge riffs met LifelongDreckneck en Basilisk.

After years spent playing in hardcore bands (New Morality/Strike First), a couple of fools decided to slow down their riffs and rip off their old skin. Haunting, draining, exhilarating and laying waste to everything on their path.
Lifelong brings you riffs thick like smoke. Slow, painful, heavy and steeped in filth. A furious blizzard of stoner metal with a hardcore vibe, Black Sabbath meets Cro-Mags, or just the dark side of the blues gone wrong. Call it what you want, just bang your head to these towering guitars with weighty riffs, thunderous drum patterns and savage vocals.

Dreckneck was founded in November 2015, in a pub in Eibergen, The Netherlands, when Harm and Gijs decided it was about time to play some solid Rock music. Obviously, every real band needs an awesome drummer, so Tinus joined as the third and last band member. Soon thereafter, the first fuzzy chords were struck in a small shack on a farm, just yards away from the German border.

In April 2017, the band released their first EP “Dreckneck,” which is influenced by Stoner, Doom and Heavy Blues. Thick and solid rock, with a little soft touch every now and then. Suitable for headbangers, as well as people who like to move their feet. If you like bands such as Kyuss, Orange Goblin and Queens of the Stone Age, you’ll probably enjoy Dreckneck too!

Basilisk is a five headed band from Arnhem (NL) and produces heavy and aggresive grooves inspired by Cult of Luna and Rage Against the Machine.