Een nieuw black metal festival in Willemeen genaamd BLOOD FIRE UNDEATH ism Gelre Music Group.

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Denial Of God (DK)
By now, DENIAL OF GOD should need little introduction. Since that fateful year of 1991, the brothers Azter and Ustumallagam have perfected an idiosyncratic style of black metal that’s positively drenched in the supernatural and remains firm in their conviction of more classicist-styled songwriting. In fact, “black metal” might even be a misnomer; rather, BLACK HORROR METAL would be more accurate.

BEZWERING from Gelderland, the Netherlands, is an entity risen from the tomb containing the remains of Wederganger. Continuing in the vein of its illustrious predecessor, BEZWERING forges Undeath Metal marked by rabid aggression and utter despair since 2018.
Following the 2019 demo heralding the first album with two of its songs, the 2020 full-length “Aan de wormen overgeleverd” (“Handed over to the worms”) catapults nine undead cadavers into the world of the living.

**Trivax (UK) **
Formed in 2009 under the heavily cultural and religious oppression of the Islamic regime in Iran, the band finds itself later flourishing in the United Kingdom as one of the most dominating live acts within the craft that is Blackened Metal of Death.

Tsatthoggua (DE)
Out of the ashes of a German Death Metal band, TSATTHOGGUA formed in 1993 and decided to drive their efforts into an even more bizarre, faster and outrageous style. “Satanic Hyperspeed Metal” was born with the release of their 95 demo tape “Siegeswille” which led to interest of the infamous French label Osmose Productions. 1996 the debut album “Hosanna Bizarre” was thrown upon a rotting world.

From the hawthorn-laden sandhills of the western coast hails a four-headed beast, ready for its nightly hunt.
Consider Antzaker an old dark forest, in which everything is determined to kill you. But once the night has been survived, the sunlight will shine bright no more, yet your eyes will violently open. Hail Antzaker! For it will bring the darkest, purest black metal from Kinheim!


Zaal open: 18:00
Aanvang: 18:20
Einde: 00:00