Doc’s Blackfest II

It’s time for the first announcements!

It’s with great pleasure and pride that we welcome ENTHRONED as one of the headliners of Doc’s Blackfest II. Shaping the European Black Metal scene since 1993, Enthroned truly deserves the crown-position at our festival. 

The first support act we’d like to announce is our own country’s pioneer in Noise and Experimental Black Metal: Gnaw Their Tongues. Maurice will be doing a very special solo set, probably something you’ve never witnessed before!

The third and last band we announce today is “pure demonic Blackened Death Metal battalion” Daemonos. Known for their atmospheric shows, complete with a very impressive visual presence, Daemonos is bound to take you to hellish depths.

Now the first three bands are announced, we’d like to see you sharing the heck out of the poster and event. Let’s make Arnhem tremble on its foundations, the 15th and 16th of February!

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