Doc’s Blackfest IV met: Sammath, Misanthropia


Next in line… BLACKFEST 10-02-2024 Willemeen Arnhem word een hele vette editie !!!
Uiteraard dikke namen uit binnen en buitenland, local heroes en upcoming sensations, maar vooral, gewoon weer een vet festival in Arnhem!!!

Sammath started out as a Black Metal band formed by Jan Kruitwagen by the end of 1993 releasing 3 demos and 6 albums in 30 years. Folter Records 1997/2014 Hammerheart Records 2014…. The upcoming 7th album, Grebbeberg once again set in the horror of World War II, tells the story of Kruitwagens great-uncle who perrished in the forgotten battle of the “Grebbeberg” in 1940. A fitting title for an album showing Sammath at their peak. 30 years of experience in songwriting comes together in a perfect storm. Like a war hammer to the head, “Grebbeberg” is Black Metal which beats you into submission. It simultaneously provides the soundtrack to battle preparation and the triumph of victory in battle, all in a very ugly way. No matter how grand and unforgettably poetic folkloric depictions of Hell are, there is little prose aimed at the Underworld anywhere near as horrifying as the theater of war among men. No excuses, no reamping, no recording drums or guitars in segments. Blood, sweat and breathing extreme metal. “Grebbeberg” sees the band perfect the style they were championing on their previous two albums. A dynamic, tremelo filled glorious return to 90s Black Metal with a great strong production.

MISANTHROPIA started out with members from several bands from Gueldrian and Brabantian grounds (NL), but after several line – up changes, a stable one was found in 2014. It was then, that MISANTHROPIA
worked hard to realize OMERTÀ, the first album with this concept. It handled stories about the American underworld from the roaring twenties until the end of The Great War and sometime thereafter.
With their latest addition CONVOY OF SICKNESS, they seem to build upon its predecessor, but the events and stories are from Dutch en Belgian grounds, that occurred during the late seventies until present day.
They worked closely with MIKE WEAD (King Diamond, Mercyful Fate a.o.) and SIMON JOHANSSON (Wolf, Soilwork). From SolnaSound Recording, they are responsible for the sound, mix, and mastering.
After each release, they worked hard to play live extensively, domestic and abroad.

Moribund Oblivion was founded in 1999 by Bahadir Uludaglar. In 2002, “Like a Falling Haze” ep and in 2004 “Khanjar” album were released. After that, the band became a well known in Black Metal society. Through the years, Moribund Oblivion has had a large fan community in Türkiye and overseas. In “Time to Face”, the band tried black metal with Turkish lyrics for the first time. Before releasing the new album “K.i.N / Killer is Nowhere”, Moribund Oblivion became a prestigious band across Türkiye and worldwide (especially in Europe).The band released the album “Manevi” by Dott music and SONY Music corporation which has Turkish lyrics in all songs in 2013 and picked up highest scores in World Metal media. After releasing the album “Grand Legacy”, the band carried on rising. This album released by the corporation of Dott Music and SPV.

Beaten Victoriouses is a Black Metal band from Iran, formed in 2005. To date they have released three Demo Abalis (2011), Kose Khare Anbiya – Kose Khare Oliya (2014), and Haft Khan (2015) and an Full-length T Error (2012). The band is co-fronted by Çaruk Revan (Piano/Vocals).

Twenty years after the debut, The Chösen will return with their second full length album ‘Resistance Leading to Strength’. Thrashing black metal with a straight-forward drive and aggressive, hateful screams. 35 minutes of Neo pagan war that characterizes the era of black metal of 20 years ago in musical, conceptual and art style.

Belgian blackened-death 4-piece, combining the coldness of black metal with death metal rage.

NATTAS is a black/thrash-band from Stockholm, Sweden and has been around since decades. NATTAS has released two albums so far.

Frontline Despair is a black metal band from Tilburg, The Netherlands.

Bringing a storm of melody and post-metal which catches you in a soothing trance, until the black in.

This dark company brings a good dose of black metal, mixed with modern rock and meta genres into a harmonious whole of dissonant riffs.