Electronic Exuberance VOL.2

These 3 bands are going to get the “Electronic Exuberance” Party started again. This time @ Brigant Arnhem!

This Duo consisting of Jan Krause (guitar) and Daria Assmus (vocals) started in 2015 at the college of Art ARTEZ in Arnhem, Netherlands. In their jazzy, soulful and darkish songs, they take you to foggy forests, softly lit glades or deep down to the bottom of the sea. With the use of electronic devices the duo creates a unique and full sound which spreads mystic vibes.

„There are many more colors than black and white!“ is not just a line of a song of the Dutch-German newcomer Electro Pop band KROPP but also their musical sound concept on stage. Are you ready for modern Future-Pop music with 80th Synth-Wave combined with electronic devices and powerful voices?

This band stands for unyielding techno disguised as a live
band. The trio from Germany produces hypnotic
melodies on top of low frequencies and driving beats – all
within the context of their vaguely traditional setup of
drums, bass and synths. The element of improvisation
gives their sets the needed energy to bring every dance
floor to its knees.
With OWNA, only one thing is for certain: People will be

Later on there will be another edition of the “jeugdtrauma”- serie of Brigant itself…

Tickets: 5€ (3€ students)

See ya!