Friends and familie tour – Emo, punk, riffs and rock

Friends and familie tour

Emo, punk, riffs and rock

vrijdag 9 februari 2024 / 21:00 – 03:00

Amsterdam based emo-outfit 32elephants seduces you with
their raw energy and sincerity. Their music packs an
undeniable punch, bearing uncompromising sunkissed riffs
carefully drawn on a rainy backdrop. Taking you to a place
you vaguely remember, but never were able to let go of.

A mishmash of influences and a lot of complaining;
You know, just a really good emo band.

Drawing in influences from all angles, Sol Power marries Noel Gallagher to Kurt Cobain, Carole King to Johnny Rotten and melts it together in manic, unpredictable two-minute bangers and hard-hitting live shows with a distinctly British vibe where no one leaves the room without breaking a sweat.

Fuzzy Teeth is a solo project of singer / guitarist /
songwriter Anthony Koenn from The Hague. The
first rough demos immediately ensured that he was
was able to do many shows in a short time, including
Parkpop and Sniester Festivals. This was even before
the release of the first single. While the songs on
the recordings are all performed by himself, live he’s
backupped by a strong and dynamic 6-piece band.


Café Bosch
Apeldoornsestraat 4a