LUSH | Party, BBQ and open stage


Are you ready for a cultural classic mix of hip hop from the west and tropical beats from the south? Then get ready to join LUSH for our next edition of pure vibes!

LUSH is the event for partygoers who are down to socialize off the media and are ready and willing to have a great time.

This time around we would like to introduce you to an event called ‘Voordracht’ which is a showcase for artists (musicians, rappers/singers, poets etc.) who are ready to put themselves in the spotlight.

This is a chance for us to showcase the combination of artistry and partying on a new level. Combined with good company, a barbecue (vegans included) and the best selected Djs in town, we here at LUSH are paving the way for pure authentic vibes at Willemeen in Arnhem.


Locatie: Willemsplein 1, Arnhem
Tijd: 22:00 – 03:00