Metalyard Fest met: Winterfylleth (UK) + Molllust (DE) + Never Obey Again (IT) + Son Of A Shotgun (NO) + Lord Volture + Ecocide + Splice (FR) + Battled + Officium Triste + Slechtvalk

Winterfylleth headlining Metalyard 2024 in Willemeen, Arnhem.

On April 6, 2024, the long-awaited Metalyard festival is set to conquer Arnhem with an impressive lineup of international metal acts. For the fifth edition of this groundbreaking festival, held at the legendary Willemeen venue, expectations are higher than ever before. With Winterfylleth from the United Kingdom headlining and an impressive array of other bands, it promises to be a day that will go down in metal history.

Winterfylleth (United Kingdom)
Winterfylleth will close the festival with an exclusive Dutch show. The English band is known for their epic black metal sound, inspired by the rich history and folklore of Great Britain. With their captivating melodies and powerful vocals, Winterfylleth promises to deliver an unforgettable performance.

Officium Triste(Netherlands)
Officium Triste will celebrate their special 30th anniversary with a unique show at the Metalyard Festival. As one of the pioneers of the Dutch doom metal scene, Officium Triste has had a profound influence on the genre. Their dark and captivating compositions will enchant the audience during their anniversary show.

Slechtvalk (Netherlands)
Slechtvalk will perform a special show in honor of their 25th anniversary. With their unique blend of symphonic black metal and folk influences, Slechtvalk has carved out a unique place within the Dutch metal scene. Their anniversary show promises to be a tribute to a quarter-century of musical passion and dedication.

Molllust (Germany)
From Germany comes Molllust, a symphonic metal band known for their virtuosic musical arrangements and theatrical performances. With their unique blend of metal and classical influences, they will captivate the audience with their dynamic and immersive performance.

Son of a Shotgun (Norway)
Son of a Shotgun will be accompanied by guitarist Ivan Meathook Gujic from Norwegian band Blood Red Throne during their performance at the Metalyard Festival. The Norwegian band is known for their powerful mix of thrash and death metal, and their performance promises to be an explosion of energy.

Never Obey Again (Italy)
Never Obey Again, an emerging force in the modern metal scene. With their explosive energy and technical skill, they bring a unique blend of metalcore and progressive metal to the stage. Their performance is sure to thrill the audience with excitement.

Lord Volture (Netherlands)
Lord Volture is known for their classic heavy metal sound and energetic live shows. With their powerful riffs and captivating vocals, they will take the audience on a journey through the world of traditional metal.

Splice (France)
Splice brings a unique mix of death, progressive metal, and experimental sounds to the stage. The French band is known for their technical skill, inventive songwriting, and powerful live performances. With complex rhythms, lush textures, and an unmistakable sense of groove, Splice is sure to impress the audience.

Columbarium (Belgium)
Columbarium represents the best of the Belgian metal scene with their dark and atmospheric sound. The band combines elements of doom, gothic, and black metal to create a unique and immersive listening experience. With deep, layered arrangements and introspective lyrics, they will enchant and captivate the audience in their dark world.

Ecocide (Netherlands)
Ecocide is an emerging force within the Dutch metal scene, known for their uncompromising approach to extreme metal. With furious riffs, haunting vocals, and a devastating rhythm section, they promise to deliver a crushing live show. For fans of death metal, grindcore, and everything in between, Ecocide is a must-see act.

**Battled **(Netherlands)
Battled from the Netherlands brings a mix of rock and metal with catchy riffs. Their performance will provide a hefty dose of energy on stage.

Metalyard 2024 is not just a celebration of metal, but also a celebration of the international metal community. It’s an opportunity for fans from all corners of the world to come together and enjoy the power and passion of this genre. So grab your tickets, gather your friends, and get ready for a day of epic metal excitement on April 6 at Willemeen, Arnhem.

Haven’t bought your ticket yet? Don’t wait too long, so we know you’ll be there! Also, invite all your friends, because together we make it an annual fun party.