Novelists (FR) + The Word Alive (US) + Elwood Stray (DE) + Ashen (FR)

Ijzersterke package exclusief voor Nederland met; Novelists, The Word Alive, Elwood Stray, en Ashen

Novelists is a French metal band that has taken the global metalcore scene by
storm with their unique blend of progressive and melodic elements.
Formed in Paris in 2013, the band has quickly risen to prominence and earned a
dedicated following for their distinctive sound and emotionally charged music.

Novelists gained recognition with their debut album, “Souvenirs,” released in 2015,
which featured a unique fusion of metalcore and progressive metal elements.
Their music is characterized by intricate guitar work, poignant lyrics, and the ability to
seamlessly shift between melodic and aggressive passages.
The band’s sound is both heavy and emotionally charged, making it relatable to a
wide range of listeners.

Over the years, Novelists has continued to evolve their sound and release critically
acclaimed albums like “Noir” (2017) and “Déja-Vu” (2022).
Their music explores themes of introspection, human experiences, and personal
growth, which resonates deeply with their fan base.

As of 2023, Novelists has become a female-fronted band with the addition of Camille
Contreras, solidifying their status as a respected and influential force in the
contemporary metal scene.

The Word Alive
The Word Alive was founded in 2008 and has been making waves for years. For example, last summer they were on the Vans Warped Tour USA and have visited our country more often, including with the Never Say Die Tour. The men from Phoenix (USA) are signed to the metalcore label Fearless Records.

Elwood Stray
The American band from Seattle delivers a clear message: live and let live. They are the forerunners in this changing world and want to convey this with their music; punk rock with metal influences. Their debut album “The World Is In Your Way” was well received and with the follow-up “Upright Animals” Dragged Under finally broke into the scene. With three European tours and numerous festivals to their name, these gentlemen have the necessary live experience.

Ashen’s music can be described as Melodic Gothic Metal. Lots of melodic keyboard parts, with double base from the drummer. Heavy guitars, bass and grunts. And the singer’s uninterrupting classical singing. The inspiration comes from, among other things, the bands; After Forver and Nightwish.


Zaal open: 18:30
Aanvang: 19:30
Einde: 23:30