[afgelast] Syntax v11

Syntax is back in the loft at Luxor Live! For v11 we invited two DJ’s from Amsterdam that will deliver thundering sounds from the booth along with Syntax residents.

Akemiö Grey truly delivers the 90’s spirit of rave with a contemporary twist, with his relentless mix of trancy goodness, old school hardcore, raw acid and much more to get the floor buzzing. He is also the brain behind the Dreamphase nights in Amsterdam. Syntax shared the stage with him before at Wildeburg festival 2019 and we’re very happy to have him over for v11.

Them Fatale is intrigued by the piercing forces of deep basses and regards repetition as possessing healing qualities. From gabber hardcore and 90s rave classics to high-bpm techno and back: they love to create an beating-thunder-energy.

Syntax resident Oscar will be performing a live set for this edition.

Presale €8,-
Door €10,-

23.30 – 5.00
Luxor Live

April 4th we’re doing Syntax v10 at MONO in Rotterdam!