The Briefs (USA) + Landmine Heart in Willemeen


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The Briefs
Now, the Briefs are consummating a ten-year recording tease with a sloppy wet kiss. The new 7″ single “Kids Laugh At You” is out now on Taken By Surprise Records and the band’s highly anticipated new LP, “Platinum Rats,” will hit the streets April 19, 2019 on Burger Records (US) and Damaged Goods (Europe).

But how have they survived this long, this loud? A dynamic, leave-everything-on-the-stage live show paired with relentless US and European touring has garnered the band a fierce following (although you can’t spot Briefs fan based on age, they are indeed known to harbor a certain swagger). 2008-2012 saw a much- needed cat nap for the band, but diehard pals will tell you this was no radio silence. Guitarist Daniel Travanti formed Sharp Objects and co-founded Modern Action Records; guitarist Steve E. Nix and bassist Kicks formed The Cute Lepers; drummer Chris Brief formed Suspect Parts. In the end, it all came back around to the beginning—to The Briefs.

Support door lokale helden: Landmine Heart

Landmine heart is een prachtnummer van The Nitwitz en sinds 2010 ook de naam van een gepokt en gemazelde punkband. De leden hebben hun sporen verdiend in onder meer Beans, Strike First, Shaggable Sluts en Bitter Grounds. Hun muzikale mijnenveld is bezaaid met punkrock en hardcore uit de vorige eeuw, waar ze nu overheen donderjagen met een urgentie waar de huidige tijd om vraagt.