Trick or treat 3.0

Every Halloween EVERYTHING has to be perfect.
We feel the need to make every Halloween scarier, more extravagant, and sexier than the last!
This of-coarse requires careful planning and a whole lot of vodka induced ideas.

There has been a change in organisation.
So we, the new head of Halloween, invite all those who cast screams of terror. The pitiful, bitten, and mortifying.
Come all to the Brigant 26 October so we can poison ourselves with drinks and laughter, so we can be resurrected EVEN scarier at Halloween.

Yes people, the Trick and treat Halloween event is back!
So get dressed, pressed or depressed, because we need you scarier, drunker and even sexier than last year.

26 October at the Brigant in Arnhem.
Be dressed up and entrance will be free!

There might be something special waiting for the one whose costume leaves a mark.

This event has been handed over to us by the oh so fabulous Bregt, Qiqi, and Jolieke