W1 café: REEH & Anna Sóley

CREATIONS: a Night of Musical Fusion: REEH and Anna Sóley Join Forces for a Unique Double Concert

Blending groovy percussion with atmospheric harmonies, the vocal duo REEH pushes the boundaries of vocal artistry, constantly exploring new dimensions in their craft. Their lyrics address pressing social issues, support women’s empowerment, and shining a light on the urgent climate crisis. Through their music, they inspire listeners to reflect on their individual impact.

Anna Sóley
On the album Modern Age Ophelia, Anna Sóley explores the line between reality and fiction, the peculiar power of superstition and everyday reality in a dreamlike atmosphere through introspection and conversations with fascinating characters from literature and life. Contemporary jazz and folk styles mix with impressionistic lyrics and spoken word poetry. Anna’s brother and longtime collaborator, jazz guitarist/composer Mikael Máni, will join her onstage, coloring the music with his unique perspective on storytelling.

Together on Stage: A Fusion of Talent and Creativity!

This double concert promises to be a memorable evening filled with innovative sounds, thought-provoking lyrics, and an electrifying atmosphere. Prepare to be enchanted, moved, and inspired. REEH and Anna Sóley invite you to be part of this musical odyssey that transcends boundaries and touches the soul.


Zaal open: 19:00
Aanvang: 20:00
Einde: 23:00