Wentelteefjes #05

Wentelteefjes is bringing you it’s 5th one-day exhibition! On 2 november we have a special program in the new space of circadit at Janssteeg 5a, Arnhem. Come by and enjoy good art, performances, film and music by young artists and join the party.


Lunch by: Vera Heijerman

Anouk Van Zwieten (paintings)
Mara Alsters (paintings)
Lieve Rutte (sculptures)
Stefanie Engelbrecht (film)

Matthieu Reijnoudt (performance)
Caz Egelie & STASJ aka Stefanie Janssen (voice composition performance)
Mariona Vinyes Ràfols & Maria Pisiou (dance performance)

Dj superdoei & @MC-Shelly (DJ)

🎈-🐬-See you soon!-🐬-🎈

About Wentelteefjes
Wentelteefjes is an Arnhem based collective that organizes events in which an art exhibition is combined with performances, literature, film and music. Wentelteefjes offers a display for young artists to show their work. The main focus is to bring a lot of different people, from different disciplines together to collaborate and make new connections.

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